Tuesday, December 21, 2010


my weekend visiting family was very bittersweet. i, of course, loved seeing my family (whom i don't have the chance to see that often) but i also had to share in the sorrows of losing a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother with my family (i miss you mamaw and love you so much). i am glad that i was able to be there for support and to pay my respects. i was also able to help go through her belongs and things--which was hard, but let us remember some lovely memories. my grandfather let me keep her sewing box from high school. it is so gorgeous and full of vintage buttons and even her home ec sewing scissors! i love having something of hers that i can connect with and cherish until i can pass it down to my children someday.

this week is going to be jam packed with places to be and family to see!! i can't wait to spend the holidays with all my family :) that being said, i will probably be scarce around here, but promise to be back in blog mode after the holidays pass.

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  1. I'm so glad you get to keep something of your grandmother's, especially something so close to your own heart!