Thursday, July 7, 2011

i'm still here

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

boy has it been a crazy busy week! i can officially say that we are (mostly) settled into our new apartment after what may have been the worst moving experience EVER! i'm not is a summary of that day:
-woke up early and moved the small stuff we could to the new place ourselves
-get a call from the moving company that they will be an hour late (mind you that we had a wedding to go to that night)
-oh, nevermind the movers will be here on time after my little chat with the company
-finally start packing up the boxes and furniture at 2:00pm
-david calls and says we have a nail in my car tire and we have to call AAA to fix it since the magical piece to change a VW tire is missing (found it later in the change jar in my car)
-movers are taking foooorrreeevvveerr, still not done loading at 4:45pm
-we leave my brother in charge while we head to the wedding at 5:15pm
-come home to a distraster of a place, because one mover passed out and it was just the one other guy and my brother moving our stuff in...
-after a few phone calls and some angry words, we got a pretty good discount off our total price.
needless to say, i am never using arizona discount movers again and i am just glad we are finally organized and settling into our new home and will be there for the next year. which i'm happy about because the sight of one more box would probably make me sick.
so i will be posting reguarly again here soon. i've missed you :)


  1. I missed you! Can't wait to see pics of the new place!

  2. Holy Cow Megan! that sounds like a disaster! I'm glad they at least gave you a discount :) I hope your new place works out well! And I LOVE that sign thing. You're so talented, you could so do that!