Friday, July 8, 2011

21 things before I turn 21

i saw this feature over at love elycia that she did to countdown to her birthday that i thought was just super fun, so i'm joining the fun!! you will learn some interesting things about me before i turn the big 2-1 :) so here are my first 5 things...
21 thingsMy hair over the years...
thing 1: i have had 7 different hair colors over the years...i'm not even sure what is my natural hair color anymore :)
thing 2: i have an unnatural fear of the mall santas. i'm pretty sure my parents traumatized me when i was little and it has resonated in me ever since. i will still avoid the santa area in the malls during the holiday.
thing 3: i love gel pens. i have so many!! i was that girl in school that carried every single color with them and used multiple colors on one page (my teachers hated that)!
thing 4: i have a hate/love relationship with coffee. i absolutely love the smell of coffee, but despise the taste.
Love my colors!!
thing 5: i love it when things are color coordinated. i have almost everything organized by color, my craft supplies, my t-shirts, my jewelry...etc.

i'll be back with more things this next week! hope you enjoy learning more about me :)

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