Tuesday, January 4, 2011


remember my fabulous new crafting corner desk?? well i'm having to downgrade (again) and put that beautiful desk in storage for a little while :( two of our good friends are moving into our second bedroom in february, meaning my hobby room is gone. this is bittersweet for us because it is going to save us a bunch of money (yay!) but then we are losing some space and storage (sad). and i found out we have a lot of stuff!! like a ton. it is crazy how much stuff two people can acquire.
so this week i have been organizing and trying to figure out what we want/need out and what can go into our storage closet on the patio. also i am trying to go through the multitude of supplies i have and figure out what is staying out for me and what i will be boxing up. it is so hard. i never know what i will be inspired to create in the future. plus i will have limited desk space to work and store supplies. for inspiration on organizing a smaller desk i went browsing on flickr and martha stewart...

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  1. oooo.. i do understand what you mean..bittersweet..I love my crafting corner and could´nt be without it. Still it´s money coming in... I like T.morris corner. =)looking good and also a lot of space.