Sunday, January 2, 2011

project 365 and a new fancy bag

after reading kaylah's post about how much she enjoyed completing project 365 last year i was inspired to try it myself this year. i really have no excuses no that i have an amazing camera :) so i will need your help keeping me on track! i'm going to be having updates each week of my photos, but here are my first two days photos...
i'm excited to have a continuous project for the year :)
oh and i have a fancy new camera bag! it came this morning and i was jumping for joy! i'm just happy that i don't have to wrap my camera in bubble wrap if i want to take it anywhere now.
Fancy Bag
I love my new bag!!
i love it!!!


  1. What is Project 365?

    I love that bag! :)

  2. Project 365 is a where you take a photo each day. It can be a self portrait or a photo that represents the day. It really fun and challenging and I hope I can keep it up the full year!

  3. Gah, I'm late on commenting! But I'm excited to get to see all of your photos from 365! My mom has done it the past two years (she puts them all together in an album as she goes and does a little write up. She buys a kit from somewhere online... haha.) and she's going it again this year. I'm usually in quite a few photos, so it's kind of like I'm doing it, ha!