Friday, January 7, 2011

project 365 week one

Week One Update
i am very proud of myself for making it through week one! i had a lot of fun too :) this will be fun to keep up with each day.

photoshop actions from paint the moon
blog photo template from pugly pixel


  1. Love the sound of your project. Thought I’d share about how has helped me achieve a bunch of goals. Not only does it let me keep a visual list of my goals but it lets me break down big goals into small sets of actionable steps so I can track my progress, get feedback and share these goals with my friends and family. Its been a great source of inspiration for me and I’ve achieved a number of goals using it.

    Here are my goals – As you can see I’ve achieved some and have plenty left to chase in 2011.

    Hope you find it helpful,

  2. i like the way you put all the pics together like that so its easier to post :)