Saturday, January 22, 2011

i feel pretty: make-up tutorial

pretty make-up tutorial
i made more of an effort to actually do some fun stuff with my make-up this week and i sure do feel pretty :)
yesterday i tried a new combination of colors and it really turned out good! here is a little step by step on how i accomplished this look...
pretty make-up tutorial
1. start with eye shadow primer. this is a must for long lasting, all day wear of eye shadow! i never wear shadow without it anymore.
2. take a mixture of black and dark brown shadows (a dab of each on the brush) and put in the outside corners of the lid, going about 1/4 into the lid.
3. layer the black and brown with a plum color, extending that into the middle. this gives the black and brown a softer look.
4. next take a yellowish gold color and put that in the inside corner, just slightly blending it into the plum.
5. use a shimmery white to highlight the corners and below the eyebrow.
6. finish with black or brown eyeliner and mascara!
pretty make-up tutorial
don't you look pretty :) i also decided to go all out and wear red lipstick too! i'm not much of a lipstick person, but i do make a point to wear it sometimes.
pretty make-up tutorial
let me know if you try this technique, i would love to hear what you think!

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