Thursday, May 5, 2011

i love nails!!

so i paint my nails a lot. like every few days. i love it :) i decided to share my favorite polishes and must have supplies.

stickers are underestimated these days. they add a simple accent and are just cute!
probably the coolest way to do nails. they stay on forever too! just wish you could use them one at a time, like for accent nails, but they dry up if you leave the package open :(
these have been my go to colors this season...quite the mix, i know.
i love this combo. and how can you deny a hello kitty shaped bottle?!
my must have supplies include...
1. Q-tips
2. my favorite base and top coat combo
3. a wonderful tool: perfect for touch ups
4. love this tool...not sure what it is technically called, but it cleans under nails super well and it quite handy.
5. this is awesome file. it has four different sides that file, shape, buff and shine! wow!
(this is what my nails are like now...for a few days anyhow)


  1. Love the pics with you in it! you look like you did something naughty!

  2. I've seen nail stickers a lot lately. I really love the look they provide! I also really love how often you've been posting!

  3. i have definitely been making more of an effort to post! i want this to be a blog people want to read, so i'm giving it some more tlc :)