Friday, May 13, 2011

happy (belated) birthday to my boy!

thanks blogger for being down and erasing my lovely post about my special boy's i have to post a belated birthday post. not as special.
well anyhow, my favorite boy in the world is now the big 2-1 :) so i decided i would post 21 things/reasons why i love this boy!
my strong boy
1. he has the best smile
2. he loves to snuggle
3. i love his laugh
4. he lets me decorate however i want
5. i love how much he loves our record player
6. i think its adorable how he says dutchess is our child
7. i love how perfectly he fits into my family
8. he plays beautiful music
9. i love how much he has taught me about music
10. he has gorgeous super blue eyes
11. he plays along with my silly side
12. he has a weird control freak thing about the radio volume-its hilarious
13. he loves to give me little surprise gifts
14. he knows exactly how to calm me down
15. he loves anything and everything spicy
16. he almost nevers lets a song play to the end
17. he hates ranch dressing, and i love it
18. he is extremely ticklish
19. he loves disney just as much as i do
20. he always supports my artwork
21. he has a big, sweet heart
donald is his favoriteDisneyland 2011
happy birthday babe!! i love you so much!

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  1. adorable ; ) for my husband 21st i went to the dollarstore and bought 12 things that represented something i loved about him... so much fun.