Friday, May 27, 2011


i have started many collections in my lifetime, but i have only kept up one the whole flat penny collection. i have lots and lots! i get them from everywhere and love the memories they keep.
i have a total of 5 penny books, all of them full :)
i try to keep them organized by place/location of where i got it. besides the disneyland books, there is a good mix of places in each book.
this was the first book i started with my sister and i'm pretty sure this was my first flat penny. i remember being so excited because the colossus at six flags was my first roller coaster ride ever!
i also collect flat nickels (middle) and flat quarters (right). i don't have too many of these because they are rare to find and more expensive to make, but really cool since they are much bigger than a penny.
these four are probably my most treasured pennies. the one on the left from colossal caves in tucson is a special memory for me-it was one of those fun adventures with my parents that i loved and will always remember. the next one from birch aquarium in san diego was also a lovely memory of a simple day in sd-those were some of the best vacations. the third is probably my most treasured since it was given to me by my grandpa. i love that he thought of me when he was on vacation and got it for me (it's about the simple things sometimes). the last from seaport village is special just because i truly do love san diego so much and seaport is one of my favorite places there.
as you can see these simple flat pennies hold so much love and memories and i will probably always collect them throughout my life. i see no reason not to.

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  1. SO SO COOL! I love it - probably my favorite collection I've ever seen!