Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the crafting history of megan: part two

if you didn't get a chance to read part one, click here. so here is the final part of my crafting history...enjoy.
My First Attempt
(this is my first ever embroidery piece!)
after cross stitching, i naturally moved on to embroidery. after discovering elsie and her beautiful patterns, i was hooked! i loved the simple pieces and how i could make little projects for everyone i loved. i still embroider today using patterns from red velvet and sublime stitching mainly.

I crochet
i believe i then tried crochet next (this is probably because the yarn and embroidery alsies are right next to each other at the craft store, hah). this is a hobby i have definitely grown into. i still simple, i think a scraf, and now i love it! i successfully taught myself how to make a granny square and now i'm working through twinkie chan's crochet book! i love her patterns.

during this time, i also tried painting. this hobby is a love/hate relationship for me. acrylics are my absolute favorite, but i also go through the moods where painting is so far from my mind. i definitely have to feel that inspiration to paint and i don't always go directly to painting when i want to craft. don't get me wrong, i LOVE painting (so much so that i tattooed a paint bottle on my arm), but i also went through some tough times with it too. it will always be on my top five crafts though.
purple heart soaps
next, i moved onto soap making! i love it! soaps make the best gifts and party favors and there is endless possiblities. soap making was probably the easiest craft to teach myself. i love all the scents and soap shape molds. highly recommend to anyone who wants to try :)
my first sewing projectlovely fabricsall my pretty patterns
skipping ahead a few years, i started my favorite craft ever...sewing. this has taken over my crafting life. i love creating purses, shirts, dresses, bags, and all sorts of cute stuff with my sewing machine! i recently updated my sewing machine and i couldn't be happier! i have many patterns in the works now :)

crafts i tried, but didn't stick...
wood burning-kind of scary and it smells weird.
felting-takes some patience to finish a piece.
engraving-a very loud hobby.
stamping-not my go to tool in scrapbooking.

crafts i still want to try...
knitting-it's one of my goals this year.
quiliting-i would love to finish a nice big quilt.
origami-just because.
hand dying fibers-looks so interesting.

well that's pretty much it...history lesson finished :)

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  1. Those soaps are the most precious things of my life.