Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the crafting history of megan: part one

ever since i was a little girl, crafting has been a part of my life. i have really expanded my love to almost every crafty thing out there and it has been quite the adventure. i love learning/teaching myself a new craft and experience. there are those crafts that have really stuck with me and there are those that i probably won't do again, hah. but it's all about learning and growing. so i decided i would/should document my experiences with crafting and share it with all of you! without further ado, here is part one of my crafting history...

it all started with cards. yes, something so simple as making cards exploded into the hobby that has taken over my life. if i can remember this right, my mom needed a card for my grandma's birthday and i volunteered to make it for her. this was most likely because i just wanted to go to michaels, my favorite store, ha. and so it began and i was hooked after completing my card and seeing the reactions of everyone. it still makes me feel so good when people open my cards and feel the love and personal touch a handmade card gives.
Reason 250
carding making led to scrapbooking--the worst enemy of my wallet and small living space. scrapbooking supplies are like drugs. i keep needing and wanting more and more. it is definitely addicting and i love it! this is one hobby i will always have and come back to. i love to go back and look at my first scrapbook ever and see how far i have come in both skill and creativity.
yo-yo necklace
i believe the next crafty hobby i tried was jewelry making. my mom and i went to my aunt's house where she showed us all of the pretty things she was making and we decieded that it would be fun to try! we went and got our tools and pretty beads and went to town :) we were hooked and made so much jewelry that we started giving it out to everyone! i still make the occassical piece, mainly for my etsy shop or just because i see a really pretty charm/bead.
pretty thread
shortly after, i started cross stitching. at the time i had a mentor/friend named Julia, who taught me so much about life and also shared my love of scrapbooking. she taught me how to cross stitch after i saw some of the beautiful works she created. i did have some experience of cross stitching before when my sister and i would make little squares that would read "i love my cat" but nothing as intricate and detailed as Julia's stitches. needless to say i have yet to complete a full piece of work, ha. i got distracted with another craft (of course).
so there ends part one of my crafting history. i will be back soon with part two. i hope you feel like you are getting to know me more through this little history lesson (that was kind of my purpose).


  1. I like this history lesson. :)

    I remember in ninth grade geometry, you had the most beautiful handwriting. I used to try to write my letters like yours because they were so perfect, haha.

  2. I really love getting to know others through their creative-crafting history! I've made a series of post about mine sometime ago. You can check it out if you like here:

    I can't wait for your second part! I'm really curious! ;-)