Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Love.

I have come to realize that I have a new love in my life. Aprons. They are gorgeous and should definitely be worn outside the kitchen. Just look at how pretty these are, how could you resist?!

apron. by silje/vanilje.

apron <3 by silje/vanilje.
[the above two are from miss silje]

[all of these pretties are from anthropologie and my mom bought me the half ruffled one-she is the best!]
[I should probably get Heather Bailey's pattern and start making my own collection!]

I did take a class at Scrapbook's Etc. with my mom a couple weeks ago and made this cutie :)
Oh my, I just love them so!


  1. These are beautiful! Love all the color and pattern. I want the first one.

  2. That yellow apron makes my eyes pop and do a happy dance! So sweet.