Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Day

Today has been a wonderful day so far :) Although I have to finish some of the things on my Monday to do list tonight, I am still feeling pretty productive. I finished a couple of pages in my art journal and I decorated the cover too! I am feeling quite inspired from this class already-so so glad I joined in.

[You are the lucky few who get to see inside :) ]

[I love to symbolized me and my boy...i'm not very good at sketching people.]

[i love how the cover turned out...i'm glad i let the blue peek through a bit.]

I should have started art journaling a long time ago, it is wonderful.

A few things I am looking forward to...
-lunch with my Mom tomorrow
-being a sponser on one of my favorite blogs next month [more soon!!]
-daily prompts and pages from Elsie and Rachel
-moving into my new apartment in one month!
-summer break :)

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