Tuesday, July 19, 2011

21 things//things 12-17

21 things
Jack of all trades :)
thing 12: i consider myself a "jack of all trades". i have dabbled in a lot of different types of crafting, almost too many to count. i sometimes wish i was just really good at one thing...

thing 13: i am described as a lead foot driver. what can i say, i like to go fast!

thing 14: since i started teaching myself how to sew, i am now the family seamstress. almost every holiday i come home with a few sewing projects for various family members. i don't really mind.

thing 15: i have a weird problem with my food touching. i don't like things to touch on my plate; like if the salad dressing runs on my chicken, i am not happy. thats why i am a big fan of divided plates! greatest idea ever.

thing 16: i actually preferred to play alone when i was younger. i really didn't mind. i am still kind of that way, i do my best crafting when i have the place to myself.

thing 17: i don't play video games, expect racing games. i get way into them and way upset if i lose. i'm sure this has to do with thing 13 :)


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  1. haha! #17's my favorite! Mario Kart's the bomb! cool concept. it's good to know new-found bloggers...
    = )