Tuesday, May 3, 2011

random thoughts

classic mirror pose :)
i have nothing really interesting to say today, my mind is just full of randomness (monkey monkey underpants!--that's for you Hilary). so i won't judge you if you don't want to read this post...

  • exactly one week from today i will be on summer break. i'm so excited. i'm completely drained from this semester.
  • i wanted to open my new etsy shop on may 1st...as you can see that has been delayed.
  • apartment hunting sucks.
  • david made my lunch today. i think that is just adorable.
  • i somehow magically fit in my old pair of bermuda shorts (totally wearing them today!)
  • hulu plus on xbox is my new favorite. brilliant.
  • i'm officially caught up on grey's anatomy and anxiously waiting for the next episode.
  • i'm completely craving cheese puffs right now.
i think that is all...i'll be back tomorrow with a more in depth post.


  1. haha, oh I love that episode of Gilmore Girls so much--it makes me laugh every time!

  2. Are you staying in Tempe? Apartment hunting is so awful, almost as bad as moving itself!

  3. david and i actually have been in gilbert area for the last year, and we really want to stay there. the area is wonderful and all of our friends live close by...its perfect. and we would totally renew our lease, but our place is just too expensive and our neighbor below us is such a pain!! so apartment hunting it is...which is completely as bad as moving!