Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what's in my bag.

I have recently made things easier on my shoulder and back by unloading all the unnecessary stuff in my purse. I usually carry a monster purse and take more than enough stuff (or crap), but then I saw this really cute side bag at Kohls and decided I can get what I need in there and it will be perfect! Amazingly enough, I managed to condense and get everything in this bag. Its the smallest one I have carried in a long while and it feels so much better! So here is the look inside my bag...

1. monthly planner and to-do list journal
2. wallet
3. checkbook
4. the latest pattern I'm working on and some fabric scraps ( I always have some sort of crafty thing with me)
5. small baggie with all my frequent buyer/discount cards
6. comb and make up basics
7. foldable scissors
8. extra pens
9. my 3 favorite lipglosses
10. a mini mirror

Everything I need and nothing more. That's impressive (especially for me-just ask my boy!)


  1. I might need to get to Kohls to grab that bag--just the right size. As much as I'd like to have the cutest clutch or shoulder bag I love the crossbody bags that stay put. Saw you on the swap blog--see you there!
    ~Marily from I Heart Mesa.com

  2. I love this purse!! I highly recommend it if you are looking to size down like me :) I can't wait to see you at the swap! Its always nice to find local bloggers/crafters!