Thursday, September 23, 2010

ways to relax and de-stress

I have a few methods that help me get my mind off of the pressures and stresses of a busy life. Even a little 15 minute break can do wonders to help me wind down and relax...

1. window shopping. I usually do this between classes to clear my mind and get me ready for the next class to shove more information in my head. 2. reading my kindle. This fits easily in my purse and is perfect for lunch breaks and such. 3. project runway. After a long day at work, project runway is the best to watch and enjoy. 4. magazines. I love Martha Stewart Living, ReadyMade, Sew Hip, and Creating Keepsakes. 5. yoga. I have learned a few relaxing breathing techniques that I will use in class actually. Before a text for example. It really does help. 6. sewing. Coming home and working on my sewing projects makes me so happy and inspired. Enough said there :)

Do you have relaxing techniques that work for you? I would love to hear what you do to de-stress.

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