Friday, September 17, 2010

current crafty-ness

As usual, I have about 5 different projects in the works :) I constantly get new ideas and I'm so excited about starting them that I don't finish whatever I'm working on at the moment. But I like to move from project to project-it keeps me inspired. Is anyone else like this? Or are you completely opposite and have to finish one to move on to another project?

I'm working on a pair of grey polka dot pajama pants for my mom :) She's going to love them (I made a pair for myself in sewing class, and they are so comfy)!

Here is a page kit I bought at my favorite scrapbook store, which I used to feature my beautiful grandmother at her wedding.

I started making a few pages for my "David" album (as part of my four simple goals, remember?!)

I did get the fabric to make that pretty plaid tunic, so this will be next for sure!

I'm planning on doing a couple of projects from One Yard Wonders too, of course, once I'm done with my other crafty-ness...

What are you working on right now? Or what do you have planned next?
Happy Friday!

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