Friday, March 19, 2010

New Springtime Goals

I have a couple new goals/wants for this spring season and I am going to try try try to reach them all! Maybe I will reward myself with something if I do :) I love rewards!

1. Wear more pretty dresses and make my wardrobe more cute and girly.
I love my jeans-alot. I wear them all the time. But I really want to start expanding and trying to wear more cutsy stuff. So far, I have worn 2 dresses just this week! Not bad.


2. Spring clean my closet.
If I am going to be expanding my wardrobe, I should really clean out my closet and donate the clothes I don't wear anymore. I usually donated a piece when I get something new, but I have gotten a little bit behind this year.

3. Get more involved.
I need to start getting more involved with my passions. I just stick to what I know and don't go further than that, but now I want/making myself get out there. I joined a scrapbook group in Gilbert and I am excited to meet new people! I want to join a team on Etsy, and actually learn more about my online friends (you guys!!). This is big for me.

4. Focus on my Etsy shop.
I really want to make my shop the best it can be. I want to add more pretty items, promote my shop more, and make it super pretty :) My shop has become my little baby and I love it so!

5. Make a dress.
I mentioned this the other day, but I want to make a dress all by myself! I have managed to make a big beautiful purse that I love, but now I really want to make a dress! (which will go with my first goal!) This lovely girl has inspired me to try!

I am excited for the new season and all the joy it brings!! Wish me luck :)


  1. Hey - you can donate your clothes to me if you want, I need an updated look. J/k, sorda. And please, I love that you are inspired to make a dress but please let the dress be all that you are inspired by in that last picture. You KNOW what I'm talking about Megan!

  2. I think her tattoos are beautiful :) I probably won't have that many, but I do want more that is for sure!! Just think of it like permanent scrapbooking on your body-works of art!!