Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Projects :)

I was pretty successful in creating a bunch this weekend, and avoiding all my homework!! Hah, not too hard for me to do...

I finally made this project from the Autumn=Love class by Elsie and Rachel [so sad the class is over].
Keep it like a secret pouch!! I am definitely going to make more of these! I love it! I'm using this one for all my pretty markers...I have quite the collection :)
Papermate Flair ones are my new favorite!

I finished a custom order of mustaches too!! I added blonde ones to the shop because I really liked how these ones turned out!

Other projects I finished:
Christmas present for my boss [a set of monthly planners-I would have posted a picture, but I wrapped them already, ha].
The rest of my etsy orders and mailed them off :)
Organized my room a bit-it really needed it!

I feel pretty productive, if I don't say so myself. Alright off to visit my favorite boy.

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  1. you're cute! i'm glad i found you! (i'm a sponser on LA's blog this month too!)

    happy holidays!
    Kim Smith